Spying on Internet? Stop them with proxy

Have you heard about recent NSA spy investigations? It is just not just the NSA – governments all around the world misuse and monitor every phone call, email sent or received, every web page visited, and every VoIP conversation made by every single one their citizens.

However, all is not lost, as encryption provides a highly effective way to protect your internet behavior, communications, and data. In this way, you will still be able to surf anonymously and enjoy Internet without any worries. Encrypted data is stored indefinitely, until such time as the NSA can decrypt it. All data relating to non-US citizens can be kept indefinitely, but sheer practicality suggests that encrypted data gets special attention.

Therefore, search the web for free proxy solution, find adequate one and enjoy your time on web. Those free proxies are available and user-friendly so you can easily setup one on your device. If a lot more people start to use encryption, then encrypted data will stand out less, and surveillance organizations’ job of invading everyone’s privacy will be made much lot harder. And for the end – anonymity is not a crime!