Watch Hulu from any place

Hulu is one of most popular sites on the world, regarding all online TVs and live solutions.   However very soon after the site was released they restricted access based on location so you can’t even access Hulu in Canada!

At first it wasn’t much of a problem to access Hulu using some kind of proxies. So you just had to use an American one, a Hulu proxy if you like and you were allowed to access the service. But then Hulu got wise to this and was able to detect the use of them, so free proxies and methods like HotSpot Shield stopped working altogether. People are still using proxies for some media channels – for instance a Dutch proxy server will still unlock most sites in Netherlands but in most instances VPNs are needed now.

Now, the only way to watch Hulu from outside the US is to use some sort of VPN (Virtual Private Network) which creates a tunnel from your client to a VPN enabled server.

Remember the idea is simple – you can use any kind of device or OS, what’s important is that your connection and IP address needs to appear to be from the USA. Here’s the software I use – it’s called Open VPN with VPN Provider. I installed Open VPN easily, signed up for Deluxe SSL Plan and software changed my IP address to US. This means that when I connect to Hulu it will see the IP address of the server (which is American) and allow me to access Hulu wherever I happen to be.

Works like a dream and comes recommended – test with the free trial account first at VPN Provider. There are quite a few others that work well too – but remember you need more that just a proxy server for Hulu. You’ll have a selection of different countries available, specially focused on most European countries and a lot of Asian countries, too.

Tom Madison, writer and blogger