Watch Rai TV outside Italy

Rai TV is the most popular Broadcast TV channels in Italia for the great variety that offers, Live news, current affairs, and spectacular variety shows, coupled with the best of Italian drama, opera, theatre, and last but not least the most exciting star-studded football league in the world “Calcio” make RAI compelling viewing to all Italians. You can not open on your Windows or Mac Computer or on your iPads, iPhones and Android devices. If you try to watch Rai from outside Italy you will simply get an error message or the live stream will not start. That is because of a so called block that makes the stream unavailable to people located outside Italy. Fortunately, it is possible to watch Italian live streams online, but you need to have an Italian IP address to do so. The best way to get an Italy IP address it to use Italy VPN service.
Do you like watching the best Italian TV shows, movies, news, sports, etc.?
So, what you need to do is simply get an Italian IP and you will bypass any difficulty emerging along the way. If you think that it is too difficult to get an Italian IP address when being abroad, then you are mistaken. Popular Italian channels such as Rai 1, Rai 2, Rai 3, Rai 4, Rai 5, Rai News, Rai Sport 1 and Rai Sport 2 are finally accessible outside Italy! A very quick and easy way to get an Italian IP address is to use a VPN services. Access your favorite online channel from any place in the world with VPN.